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Filename: gr_weapspcmodv095.zip

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Average User Rating: 9
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SCAR L 6.8 SPC - File Description  

Grate weapons mod alows to pick up ammo for all people once there fun falls some new skins for some of the guns now Hitpoints for guns and more.

6.8 SPC Mod v0.95
What's new?
1. Removed blood mod so that you have to get it seperatly. By request.
2. Removed M8 sight from SCARs... it was ugly.
3. Added M8 sight option to M8 compact. By request.
4. Changed the ammo code to Crye instead of 556. Now you can not pick up ammo from dead enemies. I tried and tried to get a new ammo type to work, but no dice. I ended up falling back to using the one I knew you would never see in the game.
5. Increased damage on the Mod1 for two reasons:
A. To represent the better wound charactersics of the 6.8 vs 5.56 and 7.62 when using FMJ ammo.
B. Since you cannot pickup ammo any more, I have come damn close to not being able to finish a mission by running out. Think of it as a balancing factor.
6. Changed the U.S. soldiers from using the M8 with irons to using a Mk16 Mod0.
7. Made the default mod on the M8 the optic instead of the irons (what was GRIN thinking?).
8. Added new multicam skin to the Mk16 Mod1 to make it more identifyable in game.
9. Added M8 compact and MP5SD as primary options, increased mag count from 4 to 10 since the pistols share the 9mm mag pool.
10. Added more optics to the MR-C and MP5SD.
11. Fixed a coulple more names.

SCAR L 6.8 SPC - File Download Options  

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SCAR L 6.8 SPC - Readme  
Readme File:
6.8 SPC Mod v0.9

By Mig1 (mig_one@hotmail.com)

What it does:
1. Replaces the names of some equipment and weapons with real world names.
2. Adds a third variation of the SCAR, a SCAR-L in 6.8 x 43 mm Special Purpose Cartridge.
This is the Mk16 Mod1 (fictional name, as the the SCAR-L was recently classified as the
Mk16 Mod0). Visually, I have replaced the mag texture with a texture from PRI's 25 round
6.8mm magazine. The Mk16 Mod0 is still available with the dark earth mag texture.
3. Allows you to choose any optic for the SCAR series (all working).
4. Is bundled with the Blood mod 1.0, also available at http://www.ghostrecon.net

How to install it:
1. Unzip (extract all) the scar_68.zip file to the root of your C drive.
This will put the files where they need to be IF you installed to the default location.
If you installed to an alternate location, simply cut and paste the local folder that was created
durring the extraction and paste it into your Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter folder.

For example:
The folder that is extracted is -
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local

If you installed GRAW to, for example, c:\games\graw, then cut and paste the local folder that was
created above and paste it into your c:\games\graw so that the mod now resides at c:\games\graw\local

Currently the 6.8mm Mk16 Mod1 is only usable my your character. The other ghosts cannot use it.
If you attempt to assign the Mk16 Mod1 to a Ghost other than yourself, the game will crash.

If you discover a solution, please email me the details.

What's next?

I may do a complete reskin to further differntiate the Mod1 from the Mod0. When the mod tools are
released, I will probably change the flash hider, add the EGLM rangefinder, and create a bottom mount
Surefire M900 series flashlight

SCAR L 6.8 SPC - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Ghost Recon Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 3 | Last comment: 09-07-2006 at 08:08

 #1 - 07-26-2006 at 03:17
From: (Norfolk)
Joined: February 18th, 2005
Posts: 75
seems cool.. gunna give it ago as it is a change to the game. good one

 #2 - Animations - 07-30-2006 at 13:17
Joined: July 15th, 2006
Posts: 24
Could you change the reload animations of the weapons so they can pull the bolts ?

 #3 - 09-07-2006 at 08:08
Joined: March 25th, 2005
Posts: 60
Could you add in the enemy AI weapons also

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